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The Sun

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The Sun - exalted in Aries, rules over Sunday.

The Sun travels through all of the twelve signs of the Zodiac over the period of one year. The position of The Sun when a person is born determines what their Star Sign, or more accurately their Sun Sign will be. The Sun is the ruler of the fifth house and is represented by Apollo, the God of Light. Just as it's the centre of our solar system it also represents our inner self, our spiritual being, our ego, power and self expression. It influences our creativity, vitality, health and well being. It is the planetary ruler of Leo and is exalted in Aries.

The Sun - Astrology and Planets in the Zodiac

The Sun in Aries

Those with The Sun in Aries are natural born leaders, taking control of any situation thrown at them. They want to achieve great things and they can be a force to be reckoned with however they can also be reckless forging ahead with no plans or thought to any consequences that may appear. The Sun in Aries is a dynamic life force.

The Sun in Taurus

Those with The Sun in Taurus are down to earth, laid back individuals. They will seldom rush into anything without methodically planning it first. Though they tend to become fixated on one goal to the point of stubbornness. Once they get were they want to be they will stay put and refuse to budge. The Sun in Taurus is steady and can be calm yet also turn into a raging bull in an instant.

The Sun in Gemini

Those with The Sun in Gemini are open minded, optimistic and friendly. The Sun in Gemini has interchangeable personalities bringing out the good as well as the bad often all at once. The Sun in Gemini radiates happiness and laughter. They need space to grow and have a deep curiosity that makes chase after anything that is new to them. Like to be independent but are also fiercely loyal to loved ones.

The Sun in Cancer

People with The Sun in Cancer are often moody, they are deeply sensitive and will become withdrawn if they feel threatened by real or imaginary hurt. They have a strong survival instinct and will avoid direct confrontation if possible. They need a strong solid home base were they can feel safe and loved. As companions they can be the most dependable and caring people to know.

The Sun in Leo

Those with The Sun in Leo have great confidence, they love being the center of attention and will take any opportunity for their chance to shine. These people are open hearted and friendly, others are drawn to the warm hearted Leo. They dislike the dull and routine, they are dramatic and can be egotistical. They are proud and show loyalty but only to those that give it in return. They can also be stubborn and won't be swayed by others easily.

The Sun in Virgo

Those with The Sun in Virgo are natural healers, they often feel compelled to help others. They are self contained and which may make them appear unreachable to others. They are home bodies and like to be in familiar surroundings. They are punctual and creatures of habit and strive for order and routine in their daily life. Serene and calm they are lovers of peace.

The Sun in Libra

Those with The Sun in Libra have a happy disposition. Optimistic and cheerful they seek harmony and peace and will avoid conflict by all means necessary. They are sociable creatures by nature and love being part of a team. They are very creative though can be uncertain when making final decisions. They are passive and idealists but sometimes have a tendency to over indulge themselves.

The Sun in Scorpio

The Sun in Scorpio makes those born under this sign highly intuitive. They will make friends easily but it takes time to earn their trust. They have an inner drive to succeed whatever the cost. They are drawn to the mysterious and will go where others fear to tread. They have a deep need to protect those close to them and make the most loyal companions.

The Sun in Sagittarius

Those with The Sun in Sagittarius are care free and young at heart. They have an almost childlike enthusiasm about everything are seldom bored and like a child, can act spontaneously without forethought. Others are drawn to the bright and optimistic Sagittarius and enjoy their company. Though they may appear without depth to their loved ones, they will always show great passion. The Sun gives them the free spirit that they so badly desire.

The Sun in Capricorn

Those with The Sun in Capricorn feel drawn to a single purpose in life. They are bold and daring. They like to take charge and be in control of themselves and others around them. They have a tendency to become childlike in nature as they grow older and have a great enthusiasm for anything new and interesting to them. They are loyal up to a point but only show their vulnerabilities to those that are close to them.

The Sun in Aquarius

Those with The Sun in Aquarius is dogmatic in their approach to life. They will forge ahead until they achieve their dream, not allowing anything to get in their way, they tend to be successful in what they do. They want to be surrounded by family and friends but being fiercely independent, they are just as happy going it alone. They may come across as distant but are compassionate to those they hold closely. Others may say them as being somewhat eccentric in behaviour.

The Sun in Pisces

Those with The Sun in Pisces tend to live in a world of their own. They are prone to fantasy. They tend to be highly spiritual and do show great compassion and have faith in their fellow man. They also can be quite vulnerable to those that like to take advantage of others. They are highly sensitive not just to themselves but to others around them. The Sun gives influences their imagination which gives the Pisces their creativity and playfulness.

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