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The Planet Neptune

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The Planet Neptune - Ruling planet of Pisces.

Neptune is the Roman God of the Sea, and the deep and blue color of the planet Neptune reflects this.

The glyph for Neptune is based on Neptune's trident. Neptune was discovered in 1846 following a study of perturbations on other planets by astronomers and astrologers. The planet takes 165 years to orbit The Sun, spending 14 years in each sign of the zodiac. Neptune is associated with idealism and compassion, but also with illusion, deception and confusion.  Neptune governs, hospitals, institutions and prisons. Is believed to be linked to the rise of nationalist movements throughout Europe also linked to the rise of socialism and communism. It is the co-ruler of the twelfth house.

Neptune - Astrology and Planets in the Zodiac

The Planet Neptune in Aries

Those with Neptune in Aries are full of life and vitality. They are strong humanitarians and are often full of revolutionary ideas, although peaceful. They can also hold strong religious beliefs but are not religious in the traditional sense. They are imaginative, impulsive and not afraid to break free from normal traditions. They have the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve great things. They are adapt at creative ideas. They are idealists, they won't allow anything to negative to hold them back. There are times though, they may be over optimistic and their failure to look at things through a critical eye could be their downfall. They seldom worry about the future, preferring to live in the here and now.

The Planet Neptune in Taurus

Those with Neptune in Taurus are practical and materialistic. Once they get an idea into their heads there is no stopping them. They can become obsessive on any aspect of their lives whether it is money, career or romance. They have the tendency for overindulgence and being too greedy can sometimes lead to their downfall. They have the ability to achieve success by overcoming obstacles in their path. They are kind and thoughtful to their close ones and others find their warm hearted personality attractive. They often enjoy art and have strong musical tastes. They have a talent for turning practical designs into objects of beauty. They are easily adaptable in most surroundings even were others may find uncomfortable. They have the gift in producing bigger and better things that others appreciate.

The Planet Neptune in Gemini

Those with Neptune in Gemini are versatile. They have idealistic views. They are deeply passionate in what they believe in though they can also be easily taken advantage of. They are very talented speakers and excellent writers. Others find it easy to warm up to them, they are good at logic and reasoning with other people. They may have problems sticking to one task at a time, and have the tendency to leave unfinished business behind. They have a deep fascination with anything spiritual though they may not be overly religious themselves. It takes them a while to get emotionally involved, they will hold back and wait until they feel secure enough before moving forward. They are the same when it comes to working on projects or making plans for the future, they can be overly cautious and being worriers can become easily depressed and pessimistic.


The Planet Neptune in Cancer

Those with Neptune in Cancer are Idealists. They are emotionally sensitive and protective over their loved ones. They value tradition highly and are also very patriotic and loyal. They often have strong family ties though they may also have unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships. They have the tendency to bury their head in the sand when problems arise, they hate to admit when something or someone in their lives is less than perfect. They have strong empathy towards others and make good counsellors. They make friends very easily as others find them friendly and loveable. They are very intuitive. They are possessive but this is because they always need to feel emotionally secure. They also have the tendency to over indulge when faced with the good things in life, they need to guard against being greedy.


The Planet Neptune in Leo

Those with Neptune in Leo are creative. They are lovable, warm hearted and generous. They are loyal and considerate to loved ones though they can often act on impulse which can lead to disappointments. They often find it hard when faced with tough decisions and can easily become fickle. They often act on impulse rather than thinking things through first. They are almost childlike in nature, and can be naïve and fanciful, at times they will use methods of escapism rather than face up to reality. They may feel victimised but usually their problems lie deep inside themselves. They need to realise that the world does not owe them a thing. They have good, strong imaginations. They have the uncanny ability to talk themselves out of many sticky situations! They tend to be well liked by others and are very popular to have as company.


The Planet Neptune in Virgo

Those with Neptune in Virgo are conscientious and are focused on health and nutrition. They take a keen interest in healing whether it is spiritual or physical. Family and domestic life is important to them and they often need the security of a good home life. They also firmly believe that the natural way is often the best way. They can be over critical of those that do not share their views. They have a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. They have strong morals and can be judgemental. Others may see them as being too rigid and over bearing. They can become so engrossed in the minor details that they fail to see the bigger picture.


The Planet Neptune in Libra

Those with Neptune in Libra like peace and harmony. They crave security and stable relationships, however can be over emotional and weak willed. They are very spiritual and also can be unconventional. They are idealists and often dream of perfection, which they prefer rather than facing up to reality. They are often indecisive and are laid back, usually allowing stronger minded individuals to make up their minds for them. They need to focus more on their goals and work hard to achieve them. It can be hard for them to relax and learn to appreciate the good things they already have. They can be pessimistic and self absorbed, they need to change their focus and concentrate on those around them and by doing so will create more happiness and contentment.


The Planet Neptune in Scorpio

Those with Neptune in Scorpio are passionate in every aspect. They are fascinated with spirituality and religious beliefs. They love the mysterious and anything that is intriguing. They can become so obsessed in their own views that they totally disregard anything or anyone that could contradict them. They may need to accept that there are more often than not, more important issues to deal with. They are extremely perceptive and usually have inspirational ideas. They have strong opinions and can be quick tempered if they are challenged by others. They are energetic and will stop at nothing until they reach their prime target in life.


The Planet Neptune in Sagittarius

Those with Neptune in Sagittarius are highly intuitive. They are spiritual and very sensual beings. They can also be a little too emotional. They can be indecisive more often than not. They love to socialise and love to be on the move, travelling as much as possible. They have a high tolerance towards others though can be blinded by the faults of others. They can be overcome by their own fears and need to be strong enough not to take over their own life. They love to fantasize and are deeply fascinated in the mysterious and phenomenal events. They can be obsessed in causes that they firmly believe in, they need to understand that not everyone beats to the same drum as they do. However they have the ability to be deeply compassionate to those around them.


The Planet Neptune in Capricorn

Those with Neptune in Capricorn are very refined and conservative. They have strong imaginations, particularly when it comes to making money. They dream of having vast wealth and power, though they don't always know how to achieve these goals. They are practical and always finish their work down to the smallest of details. They can also become very secretive, and even sometimes slightly deceitful, wanting to shut themselves away from the rest of the world. They believe strongly in tradition. They can also be critical, though others may see them as cynical and cold hearted at times. They prefer to be a leader rather than a follower and are often a figure of authority.

The Planet Neptune in Aquarius

Those with Neptune in Aquarius are independent. They value their freedom above all else. They are totally idealistic and unconventional but they are loyal and faithful to their closest friends. They are passionate and energetic over most aspects of their life. Some may see them as eccentric even. They always dream of a better and brighter world and have an urge to cure all of their ills. They are humanitarian and will always help others less unfortunate than themselves. They are extremely modern in their way of thinking and prefer to think of here and now than dwell in the past. They dislike the ordinary and mundane, preferring to break free from all boundaries that others consider to be the norm.


The Planet Neptune in Pisces

Those with Neptune in Pisces are compassionate and selfless. They are highly inspirational and imaginative though they can also be seen as dreamers. They can be passive and gullible when faced with real issues. However others are drawn to their open minded sensitivity and being able to help when needed. They love the arts and the mysterious side of life, they can also be deeply spiritual or religious. They long to find the true meaning of life. They are highly emotional and will fight to the teeth in what they believe is right and often with the feeling that they have nothing left to lose, which can either be to their advantage or disadvantage.

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