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The Planet Mercury

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The Planet Mercury - exalted in Virgo and Aquarius, rules over Wednesday.

The Planet Mercury, the closest planet to The Sun, is known as The Messenger of The Gods. Astrologically Mercury, the Romanised version of the earlier Greek Hermes, represents our intellect, thoughts and communication. During the short seven days every few months that Mercury can be found in your sign you will show more rationality, reasoning and adaptability. At opposition however, Mercury can cause more erratic, volatile or unstable tendencies. Mercury rules Gemini as the day sign with communication and intellect and Virgo as the night sign with analysis and critical ability. Mercury is also seen as the great healer. In mythology, Mercury's staff, The Caduceus indicated occult forces represented by two serpents, Ida the feminine channel of The Moon and Pingala the masculine channel of The Sun. Both serpents are seen to entwine the rod of Shushumna which represents the central channel of the spinal cord. The Caduceus emblem often describes commerce and negotiation but can also represent deception and theft. Mercury is also a god of crossroads as the divine messenger and counsellor, but is also the prince of thieves.

Mercury - Astrology and Planets in the Zodiac

The Planet Mercury in Aries

Those with Mercury in Aries are always enthusiastic. They are always thinking, working on new ideas. They are honest and speak the truth even if brutal. They are dynamic leaders. Once they have an idea in their head they are like a dog with a bone working excessively until they achieve their goal. They strive to be the best, and others may see them as too demanding and overbearing. They enjoy a good debate but to others they may appear as argumentative and provocative. They can be impatient at times. They are good for business advice and others seek them out for new and refreshing ideas. They are seldom bored.

The Planet Mercury in Taurus

Those with Mercury in Taurus are slow but methodical thinkers. They like to think certain before making their next move. They need to feel rock solid. They will always finish a task before moving onto the next. They are consistent. They will endure through something through thick and thin. They are steady and stable. They have strong morals and values. They don't believe in dreaming rather than doing.

The Planet Mercury in Gemini

Those with Mercury in Gemini are dignified. Mercury is the messenger in Gemini, they are sociable and always eager to meet new people and travel to new places. They are knowledge seekers. They are experts in communication. Lifelong learners, hardly ever bored as they search for new discoveries. They may sometimes make decisions too quickly, rushing into things without doing proper research, They use verbal language to get what they want, having a way with words. They can be melodramatic just to stir things up. They are also prone to gossip. However they make friends easily and get on well and are often the life and soul of the party.

The Planet Mercury in Cancer

Those with Mercury in Cancer are highly emotional. Can be moody and can be very defensive over any criticism even to the point of overreacting. They are not easily flattered. They show kindness and consideration to those that are in need of it, helping out when they can. They long to discover the true meaning of life. They tend to hold onto the past, raking up bad memories which could make them depressed. They are able to express deep heart felt emotions, are highly imaginative and have the ability for problem solving.

The Planet Mercury in Leo

Those with Mercury in Leo are passionate and inspirational. They often act spontaneously They are great performers and public speakers. They love being the center of attention. They can be egotistical but have the ability to emphasize and are warm hearted by nature. It is easy for them to make friends. Very imaginative but they need to have heart in what they are doing or they lose interest. They are proud and dislike receiving criticism for their thoughts and ideas. May take things too personally. They are always quick with an amusing and exaggerated tale. They can be dramatic in nature usually making mountains out of a molehill. Though they are seldom bored or boring to listen to.

The Planet Mercury in Virgo

Those with Mercury in Virgo are great communicators. They are clear and concise in their speech and way of thinking. They can face problems head on in a cool calm and unbiased manner. Others look to them for problem solving. They are self contained and hold things in perspective whilst others may be emotionally overcharged. If something doesn't have a solid purpose or goal than they quickly lose interest. They hate wasting time. But they are very precise often focusing on the smallest of details whereas others give up. They are creative, and can express imaginative and artful skills. Sincere and virtuous they avoid people with hidden agendas preferring the pure of mind. They are serious and always like to be productive in life.

The Planet Mercury in Libra

Those with Mercury in Libra are diplomats. They believe in peaceful disputes and are able to see both sides of the story. They have a sense of fairness for all. Seeing both sides can also make them indecisive which is frustrating for those around them. They can sometimes allow opportunities to pass them by whilst weighing the pros and cons of every situation. They are easy going and good speakers, they are very sociable and liked by many. They will usually go out of their way to avoid any sort of conflict refusing to believe all is not well as they want everything to remain peaceful, they have the ability to build bridges and have the initiative to assert their own ideas. They strive to restore balance in almost everything they do.

The Planet Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio makes people highly intuitive. They have a deep curiosity and are persistent and focused in manner. They can usually see right through dishonesty. They can have almost psychic tendencies when it comes to reading someone elses thought processes. Others find them very wise and will often seek them out for advice. They can be sharp tongued when confronted though this is usually for their own self protection, they have the ability to see the weakness in their opponents and can quickly cut them down to size. They can be cynical and dismissive but will be meticulous in their search for truth, they are good at solving mysteries.

The Planet Mercury in Sagittarius

Those with Mercury in Sagittarius are alive with ideas. They love to converse in all subjects whether its small talk or a heated debate. They tend to have strong ideas about the future. They are curious and open minded, They will never have enough education, and have a great thirst for knowledge. They sometimes act in a rash manner, often speaking without exploring all the facts first. This may cause others to be hurt by their lack of tact and sensitivity. They are restless souls always moving from one project to another in their search for the next big adventure.

The Planet Mercury in Capricorn

Those with Mercury in Capricorn are practically minded. They need a strong sense of purpose. They are high achievers. They speak with confidence and will always only speak their mind after careful consideration of the people and their situation. They tend to have strong voices and opinions which some may find intimidating. They dislike small talk. They will concentrate on one thing at a time. They have self control and tend to be very serious, others may find them hard to open up to them as they are self contained. They will plan everything down to the smallest detail pointing out any limitations or weaknesses, they have a tendency to be pessimistic. Though they will focus on those limitations and find a way for it to work.

The Planet Mercury in Aquarius

Those with Mercury in Aquarius are logical and objective. Their ideas tend to be original and seem to be one step ahead of everyone else. They think progressively and always on the search for new concepts, they only accept what they see as the truth and because of this have the tendency to override others thoughts and opinions. They can be dismissive which others may find resentful. They are quick to argue to get their point across. But they are not interested in being popular, they just want everyone to know what is on their mind. They are original thinkers and more often that not will come up with genius ideas.

The Planet Mercury in Pisces

Those with Mercury in Pisces are emotionally perceptive. They have a dreamy outlook but will have an inner vision making them pick up small details that others may miss. Their mind is ruled by emotions rather than logic. They need peace and own space to rest and gather their thoughts they dislike hustle and bustle and will avoid crowds. They are very imaginative and have great empathy towards others. They will search ways to try and heal those that are wounded mentally as well as physically, They are very spiritual, they trust easily which can make them easily manipulated by unscrupulous people. They are vulnerable and sensitive. They are at their most confident when they find ways to express themselves in a creative manner.

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