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September 2013 Pisces horoscope prediction:

September 2013 Pisces Summary:
Pisces begins September 2013 at the focus of a grand cross with your steady Neptune at the top of the cross. With Pluto in Capricorn opposite Jupiter in Cancer, and The Sun and Mercury currently in direct opposition with Pisces in Virgo, you will be under scrutiny from many different directions. Without causing any undue friction, Pisces must stand your ground and not let this put negative pressure influence you in to retreat. There is not much you can do apart from keep your head down and try your best to carry on with your own daily tasks and chores.
With Mercury quickly moving out of opposition there will be some respite and you can get down to a more regular daily routine at home and in work. You will still be under the direct examination of some people, but with nothing to hide they will soon get bored with the situation and move on to some other petty dalliance to keep them occupied.
Over the middle of the month you will find yourself a lot more relaxed and allowing your thoughts to move in a more positive direction. Once The Sun leaves Virgo on September 2013 your mood will improve, and with the symmetry of Jupiter and Pluto still in evidence your usual spiritual Neptune will ease your way even more. The end of the month is when you can look forward to the next couple of months of peace and quiet also and do your best to communicate with those important people in your life who may have seen the wrong side of things at the start of September. Show them your true colours and make the most of your good relationships.

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NEW in 2013: September 2013 Pisces daily planetary chart »

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