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October 2013 Libra horoscope prediction:

October 2013 Libra Summary:
The Sun in isolation in Libra until October 23rd makes this an ideal time for Libra to learn new skills, think new thoughts and ideas and try new experiences. In fact the New Moon in Libra on October 5th might make this urge overwhelming.
Work wise this is a good time to move in a different direction. Have a look at anything new that comes your way as there will be some merit in a complete change of career.
Be sure to sit down and talk things through with your close family and especially your romantic partner, as the sudden change of Libra focus might well catch them unawares if they are not forewarned. You need people on your side at this time as there is little in the way of other planetary aspects to curb your enthusiasm. If your ideas are a little too radical do not be surprised if they try and hold you back and stop you from making any major changes. You must listen to all of their advice as you can be a little too quick to jump in to certain situations. Do not make any major financial commitments until after The Sun has entered Scorpio on October 23rd for example.
After the 23rd of the month you may find yourself more open to what your friends and family have to say. You should try and patch thing up with your lover if you have caused any friction in your relationship early in October.

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NEW in 2013: October 2013 Libra daily planetary chart »

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