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June 2012 Libra horoscope prediction:

If you are single or not happy in your current relationship then widen your horizons, for there is always someone for everybody in this big wide world. With Saturn guiding Libra through this period you will be able to asses any potential new partner logically and come to a good decision about getting to know them better. Be careful around the middle of the month on June 13th and 14th when The Moon in Aries is in opposition with Saturn, and The Sun in Gemini trines Saturn at the same time as this could well put you off your stride and with your guard down there is a risk of making a rash decision. An old friend will reappear and put a smile back on your face near the end of the month, with Mercury in Leo coming to the aid square with Saturn.

If you are fed up and frustrated in your current job, sitting there and just crying over it will get you nowhere. With the opposition of The Sun and Moon and the simultaneous opposition of Pluto in Capricorn with The Sun in Gemini in the middle of June 2012 there could well be changes heading the way of Libra. It is up to you to take charge of any work changes and ensure it leads to a positive outcome for you.

Don't be too greedy this month as you will need to keep an eye on your finances. Whist the double squared conjunctions focus contrasting energies on Libra something big is about to crop up and you need to be extra vigilant. However a trusted friend comes up with a new idea that could be the start of a successful venture for both of you. Listen to them carefully and read the small print.

Hold off any trips you may have planned for the middle of this month, you will need to sort out any problems closer to home, don't panic if things don't go immediately according to plan. Everything will fall into place eventually.

Relations in the home are slowly but surely starting to improve, as long as you keep communicating openly with those nearest and dearest to you and prepare well for the opposition planetary alignments that are set to rock Libra around June 13th and 14th. Keep an eye on the post, you will receive a letter from someone you thought you would never see or hear from again.

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