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July 2012 Libra horoscope prediction:

Everyone has their ups and downs in romantic relationships, but Libra actually well poised for a smoother than normal time during July 2012. The month starts with Mars entering Libra on July 4th, at the same time as almost being trined with Venus in Gemini. The fact that Mars and Venus avoid the full trine throughout the entire month prevents the usual conflicts this alignment can create. It is a good month to make plans for the future together while you can find much to agree on. Enjoy the present.

Time to do a little more networking in order to get on a bit better in your work life. Take the opportunity to build relations with colleagues, especially those of the opposite sex while Venus and Mars are not quite in trine, and talk about any big plans you have for future projects. People in general are very willing to listen to what Libra has to say this month.

You can hopefully relax a little financially during July 2012. You have had to tighten your belt a little over the past couple of months, and you can reap a little of what you have in reserve. You can even think of a little investment or two with your extra cash. And don't forget to buy a lotto ticket on July 24th when The moon and Mars in Libra combine to add some randomness!

With Saturn still holding sway in Libra, July is a good time to plan something big on the vacation front. A romantic trip for two is the ideal way to spend your time. Pick somewhere exotic you have always wanted to visit and make the idea a reality.

July 2012 is the ideal time to get friends and family around for the long awaited get together. You don't need an occasion, just make the arrangements. As a Libra with Saturn backing you up you are in an ideal position to smooth the way between those family members who have not spoke to each other for many months and make the get together all that it can be.

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