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June 2013 Leo horoscope prediction:

Take the opportunity to settle any issues you have with a loved one this month, make sure you listen as well as voicing your own opinion. You have the chance to end June 2013 with a stronger relationship than at the start of the month.

This is the month for you to show others what you are made of, a trusted colleague approaches you with good ideas, listen carefully as this could be the start of a successful venture.

If something is not working for you then it leave it behind and start again, open your mind you will soon come up with fresh ideas.

Take time out in your hectic lifestyle to have a break, make sure though that you plan everything down to the last detail when you do or you may forget something important.

Someone thinks a lot more of you than you realise, don't disappoint, make sure you are there when as and when you are needed.

June 2013 Leo Summary:
June 2013 is a a quiet month for Leo. A time when you should make the most of the things you already have rather than seeking out new places and effects. There will be plenty of time in the next couple of months for new beginnings and changes once The Sun and the inner planets arrive in Leo in the next month.
As the month progresses you will begin to feel the impending presence of the inner planets as Mercury and Venus move through Cancer towards Leo, and you will see a need to consolidate the relationships you have made work in the previous month. Make efforts to help your friends and colleagues as much as you can. If you have to go out of your way to give someone some support that is all the better, as people will see the good in you and want more of your company.
You must especially work on your romantic relationship, as being the best friend you can is the way to strengthen the bonds between you. Things will not be plain sailing, and you will need to be at your most conciliatory with your conversations.
On June 27th 2013 Venus enters Leo, brining with it your spiritual uplift and guide for the coming months. You must be ready to sell yourself to those around you. You will have the ability to win people over and keep them on your side. You will need their support in the coming weeks.

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NEW in 2013: June 2013 Leo daily planetary chart »

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