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September 2012 Capricorn horoscope prediction:

Rise above those that just like to gossip this month, they are only jealous of what you have. Hold your head high and keep thinking positively now that the opposition of Venus in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn has well passed and the negative focus is completely away from you. The only people who should matter are the ones that you hold most dear in your heart, especially your partner. Your confidence will reach a peak once The Sun has moved in to Libra on September 22nd and this is the time to sit down and talk with your partner.

This month with the opposition of Venus in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn, events occur that make you question what it is you actually want to achieve out of your career. Take this opportunity to discover what you can do to improve the situation. Only you know what it is you want deep down, follow your gut instinct with confidence in the last week of September with The Sun in Libra giving Capricorn to speak up and improve your lot.

You may find yourself a little short of cash after an unexpected event this month around the Venus and Moon in Leo quincunx with Pluto on September 13th. It may be wise to hold off any big purchases for the time being, or at least until the positive effects of The Sun entering Libra on September 22nd helps Capricorn. Don't be alarmed however as you will be on the receiving end of some good fortune, keep checking your emails.

Put travel plans on hold until you are able to reach a compromise with your fellow travellers. Not everyone likes the same but there needs to be some give and take amongst everyone. Things will settle for Capricorn late in the month however once The Sun moves in to Libra, and you will realise the solution was there all along.

You find yourself becoming very busy with new ideas of what to do around the home, try not over do it though. You need time to rest as well as to work. A friend will also be too glad to help and you find the bond between you growing stronger by the end of this month as Capricorn learns to make the most of all types of relationships by late September 2012.

September 2012 Capricorn Summary:
Now that the diametric opposition of Venus in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn has passed its hight by the start of September 2012, there is greater opportunity for Capricorn to take full control of their own destiny. Relationships are a place that Capricorn can look forward to achieving more success at, whether in the home with friends and family, or in the work place. September 2012 is also a good time for Capricorn to consolidate romantically. Confidence reaches a peak around the September 22nd ingress of The Sun to Libra as The Sun moves to square Pluto. Speak your mind with your lover and read the rewards.

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