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August 2012 Capricorn horoscope prediction:

With Mercury in Leo and The Moon in Virgo you must make some absolutes. Only you can decide what it is you really want out of a relationship. The opposition of Venus in Cancer with Pluto is your cue to stop beating around the bush, stop blaming others for the predicament that you are in and face up to what it is you really want. The only person you are hurting is yourself.

You are well on your way to achieving your life long goal. This is not the time to dwell in self pity and self doubt, instead look forward and surround yourself with those who share your ideals for the future, with them you will only become stronger and more successful.

This is the time to stop dreaming and to start making things happen. You know by now what is working for you so concentrate on that and leave all the broken things behind. Everything will fall into place eventually.

It may be wise to stay put for the time being, once you have got both feet firmly on the ground then and only then should you consider travelling afar. There are many things you will have to sort out closer to home before going off into the blue yonder.

You know which family members you can rely and trust with everything you hold special in your life. Disregard negative and abusive people, don't hate them as they don't understand but just leave them be. Concentrate and appreciate on the ones that love you the most.

August 2012 Capricorn Summary:
The opposition of Venus in Cancer with Pluto will bring otherwise dreamy Capricorn down to Earth. Mercury in Leo and The Moon in Virgo in late August 2012 will precipitate a choice between the lesser of two evils with wants and needs in your romantic relations.

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