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October 2012 Cancer horoscope prediction:

With the combined effects of Venus and Mars not yet dominating Cancer, October 2012 is a great time of the year to strengthen the bond between you and your lover. You have the ability to calm any troubled water that lies between you. Your partner will come round to your way of thinking and a compromise will be reached. If single expect the one you have had your eye on for some time to make the first move, or respond with great favor to your advances!

This is not the time to be getting involved in major upheavals in the work place. Take a step back and allow others to put their views across. Eventually things will just fall naturally into place. A partner in work will come up with a brilliant plan that will earn you some brownie points.

Try and spread your money around rather than place all your eggs in one basket. Some projects may work whilst others wont. A small parcel gives you the opportunity to start afresh, don't allow it to pass you by.

Keep your options open this month and allow for difference of opinion. Not everyone sees things on the same wavelength as you. It may be wiser to let the dust settle before deciding on your final destination, though eventually things will just fall into place on its own accord.

Keep a low profile this month, becoming involved in other peoples affairs will only make matters worse. You are not responsible for the behaviour of others, only that of your own. A fair haired relative has your main interests at heart.

October 2012 Cancer Summary:
With Venus well out of the way and Mars still some time away from the opposition conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, October 2012 can be a favorable time for Cancer to strengthen relationships of all kinds. Networking should be high on the agenda at a time when other signs have to contend with each other; Cancer can smooth the way and earn kudos with all and sundry. You can take a step back and let the dust settle when conflict does occur as none of the focus will be on you for a change. Let everyone have their say and take the credit for backing the best ideas when they bear fruit late on in the month as the opposition of Venus in Libra with Uranus in Aries approaches.

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