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November 2012 Cancer horoscope prediction:

If there was ever the best time to make any progress in your romantic relationship this is it. If you are single don't be afraid to make the first move. Anything you do will only achieve a positive outcome, be bold and brave, it will pay off.

Being more assertive and out spoken will prove to be an advantage for you in your job. However do also take the time to listen to your colleagues and find out any plans that could improve and increase your prospects.

You need to take matters into your own hands if you want to see any changes in your finances. Things have been up and down lately and to see any improvement it would be wise to listen to the good advice of others.

Any time you take away this month will have a positive affect on you. You will find peace of mind in your own solitude, make the effort to embark on that journey to that special place. You will return refreshed ready to face a new way of life.

You will find a new lease of life this month as your relationships within the family begin to improve. Though things have been upside down, it will all fall into place and finally make sense. Just leave the past where it belongs and look to the future.

November 2012 Cancer Summary:
Early November 2012 is a time of transition for Cancer that you can definitely turn to your benefit. With Venus now well on its way around the Zodiac, and Mars still in Sagittarius and not yet at opposition, you still have time to positively affect any romantic relationships, and make good advances in all relationships with members of the opposite sex. Speak to friends and colleagues and make a big effort to listen and learn what makes them tick. Find out those ways that you can improve your lot in life. Once Mars enters Capricorn on November 17th and closes in on the conjunction with Pluto on November 27th you will find many more obstacles in the way of winning friends and influencing them to work with you to your own advantage.

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