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Cancer in love: Love is eternal.

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Perfect match - Scorpio and Pisces and Cancer

The Cancer lover positive traits:

The Cancer Lover negative traits:

When a Cancer falls in love they expect nothing less than total commitment and devotion. Romantic and idealistic, they want everything to be perfect right from the moment they set eyes on a potential partner. They often appear to be shy and quiet at first, and will seldom make the first move. Others signs are attracted to the sensitive, kind and caring nature of the crab.

Cancer thrive on love and affection, which they so badly crave. Home and family life are extremely important to Cancer and they will work hard continuously to ensure there is abundance of wealth and contentment. Cancer will always put their family and loved ones first. Cancer get very attached and even when a relationship deteriorates they will do everything in their power to save it and will cling tenaciously refusing to believe the relationship has come to an end.

If Cancer feels they are being insulted or criticised, they will become moody and withdrawn. They may eventually start to look for love elsewhere for comfort and compassion if they feel their love isn't being reciprocated.

A Cancer man seeks a woman to nurture him and make his house a comfortable place he can come home to every night. Cancer men love to spoil and treat their loved ones. You can expect to be swept off your feet when in love with a Cancer man. Cancer men have the tendency for jealousy and will explode with rage if they believe their partner is being unfaithful or lying to them.

Cancer women will show utter devotion to their partners. They will be supportive of their partners career, as well as making sure everything in the home runs smoothly. If they feel the slightest rejection though, the Cancer woman can start to become increasingly demanding.

Cancer do not like complications in a relationship, they seek a strong bond with love, sex and hopefully marriage rolled into one. As long as they have all these things then Cancer will remain content to protect and care for their family and home and above all their chosen partner.

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