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June 2013 Cancer horoscope prediction:

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You have luck on your side this month so if single don't be shy about making a first move. If you have any questions hanging over a relationship, now is the time to speak, and work through any changes you need to make with your lover. June 7th to 11th when Mercury and Venus move in to opposition with Pluto in Capricorn, and The Moon is also at opposition with Pluto, makes this is the period for changes.

Keep your eyes wide open as you cannot allow any chances of promotion pass you by, though this may lead to a different career path for you.

A good investment pays off for you, do enjoy your hard earned winning but do be wary that others may be jealous of your good fortune.

Don't be making any travel plans just yet, you may be needed closer to home. Once you have a clear head only then you will feel up to travelling.

This is a good month for building relationships with family and friends. Make the most of quality time spent together, a little give and take from all parties is the right way forward.

June 2013 Cancer Summary:
June 2013 is a time of transition for Cancer. The month with Mercury having just arrived in Cancer at the end of May 2013, and gets even more interesting as the weeks pass. You will feel from the start of June under the influence of Mercury in Cancer that you need to get some new ideas in mind in your relationships and in the workplace. Seek out new opportunities in your career. If you have been thinking of a change of direction this is a good month for taking a chance.
On June 3rd Venus arrives in Cancer, having just the effect you might guess on your personal relationships. You need to make decisions in your romance. If you have any doubts about your partner, then the time from June 7th to 11th sees Mercury and Venus move in to opposition with Pluto in Capricorn, along with The Moon also at opposition with Pluto, will bring things to the fore. You must sit down and discuss things together. There is nothing to be gained by accusations and jealousy. You must work things out together. If you are a single Cancder, then these aspects could well bring about some positive changes. Don't be afraid to make the first move with that person you have had your eye on for some time, they will come to see you at your best as June progresses.
The biggest day of the month emotionally for Cancer is June 21st. Just as The Sun arrives in Cancer, Mercury and Venus come in to direct conjunction. You mood will surely swing from good to bad and back again. Be prepared for this be not making any big plans, and allow the experiences of the day to pass over you. For the rest of the month you will feel a lot more settled inside and ready for a new beginning astrologically from June 26th. On this day, just as Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer, the king of planets Jupiter arrives and you will feel a boost in your confidence and well being for some time to come.
Time to make your moves forwards and positive with confidence.

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