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July 2013 Cancer horoscope prediction:

You can be as bold as you want this month now that Jupiter is firmly fixed in Cancer for some time to come, and good fortune is heading your way romantically, now is the time to ask that special someone out on a date.

Show others you mean business, push yourself forward and you will make a good impression on those that matter.

It is your decision on what to spend your money on. Don't be swayed by others trying to demean you, keep your mind on what is important to you.

Any travel plans that you have, now is the time to put them forward, be adventurous, you have more to gain than to lose.

Be sure to have your facts right before voicing your opinions to others. Listen carefully first and make sure you have the full truth then you can have your say.

July 2013 Cancer Summary:
With Jupiter now in Cancer for the coming months, you can look forward to a period of upward motion in your thoughts and abilities in and around the workplace. Jupiter in Cancer provides a solid foundation on which you may make your strides bigger. Those around you will see you as a person they can rely on when times are tough. Add to this The Sun in Cancer until July 22nd 2013 and you have a period in your life you should make the most of. Be bold and take charge. There are often times when people look to someone to take the lead, and for Cancer July 2013 is a time when you should be that person.
It will not always be plain sailing, as you also have to deal with the presence of Mercury in Cancer for the entire month of July. At times as Mercury changes position on an almost daily basis you will swing from one idea to the next. Beware also the times when The Moon passes through resonances with Mercury and The Sun, like the July 8th conjunction of all three bodies in Cancer, and you have a recipe for landing flat on your face. Beware this time, as well as the 22nd of July opposition of The Moon in Aquarius which occurs just as The Sun leaves Cancer for the year, and you will be prepared for all eventualities.
Paradoxically for Cancer, with Mercury still in attendance and now with Mars also in the fray, the period after The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd will be the time you can make the most of your inner abilities, but this time out of The Sun's glare. Settle back and let the good times come to you.

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Cancer daily planetary chart »

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