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December 2013 Cancer horoscope prediction:

December 2013 Cancer Summary:
With Venus in opposition to Cancer throughout December 2013, the usual unbalanced nature of the longer term Jupiter Pluto opposition becomes somewhat more complicated. Do not be surprised that your words are often taken out of context and used to put you in a bad light. Be especially weary of any members of the opposite sex who are looking to put you down. They will sense the perturbations in your planets and will try and make things even worse for you.
When The Sun moves in to opposition on December 21st you will be even more under the microscope of anyone with bad intentions. You must think very clearly and carefully in all conversations and personal interactions and make sure nothing you say can be misconstrued.
On a much brighter note, the last week of December 2013 sees a full conjunction of Mercury and The Sun with Pluto at opposition in Capricorn. Use this as an empowerment to take back any of the trust and kudos you have had to let go of earlier in the month. If anyone who was out to get you in the first weeks makes a verbal mistake, simply point out the error of their ways in a dignified and non confrontational way. You do not need to rant and rave, just keep and even disposition and win the day for you.

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