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August 2012 Cancer horoscope prediction:

Don't make any rash decisions or take any chances during the opposition of Venus in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn as your love life could easily turn for the worse. Just keep your cool and remain calm, don't get too disheartened as things will slowly improve by the end of the month.

There may be a clash of personalities in the work place this month, you can either choose to be involved in petty squabbles or stand back and keep your dignity and pride intact. You have bigger fish to fry as will come apparent by the end of this month.

Think carefully before spending any money, it will pay to be cautious and frugal this month. You need to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Don't be waylaid by other people and their false promises.

You may have to compromise to keep the peace when travelling with companions this month. There is a conflict of many different interests but you can fit everything in to suit everyone's tastes, draw up a plan that will please everyone, including yourself.

If you find family are making too many demands on you then tell them to stop and leave you alone. You need your own space and it will do you good by spending time alone this month away from the hassle of problems that don't really concern you.

August 2012 Cancer Summary:
Interesting times during August opposition of Venus in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn. Calming Pluto gets upended, and you will do well keeping track of conflicting demands from work, home and love life. Step back allowing the worst to pass by month's end.

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