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December 2013 Aries horoscope prediction:

December 2013 Aries Summary:
With Uranus in Aries no longer under direct opposition from The Sun and the inner planets, and with the opposition of Mars impending, December 2013 is a time for the creative side of Aries to come to the fore.
Romance is the key this month. You have passions and you need to show this to other. Your partner will respond well to you efforts to make this a happy time for you both, and you will come through this even stronger together.
Your passion for getting things done will come out in all different aspects of your life. Your career will benefit as your work colleagues will see you in a good light and your hard work and big efforts will pay dividends.
This is a good time to think about your future travels for the coming months. You should think about those places you have always wanted to see, and then make efforts to get there. Your reward for trying will be more than the efforts you are putting in.
Just as Mars enters Libra and in to opposition with Aries on December 8th, your hot blooded nature will be at a high point. Take care not to over indulge as there is a big chance Aries will jump headlong in to new places and new ideas without putting in due diligence. Look before you leap is an old but true adage for Aries this month. Take care especially not to overspend in your quest to make the most of your heightened senses or you will regret things ones these favourable planetary aspects have passed.

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