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October 2012 Aquarius horoscope prediction:

Once Venus has past the opposition with Neptune at the start of October 2012 your emotions will reach their highest peak for some time and you may be tempted to make some bold moves or decisions. It may be wise to hold back until nearer the end of October when things will take a more smooth turn after The Moon enters Aquarius squared with The Sun on October 22nd. The one who means the most to you will return back into your life.

You have been feeling a bit low lately, you feel like your career is going nowhere. Most of the time though this is down to your own devil may care attitude. Later on this month you will come to the realisation that if you want something done, it is up to you to show enthusiasm for the task in hand, this is the time you really need to prove yourself.

Your financial situation is not helped by impulsive spending. Instead learn to focus on what you can do to earn more cash by thinking up new projects, something later on this month will come to you that will bring you brighter prospects.

Get yourself out more and stop moping around. It is a big world out there and you have so many places you have yet to see. A break will open your mind and your heart, book a holiday with a close friend, you will both benefit much by it.

Things have been a bit drab for you but this month brings you much excitement when a new friendship develops. Take the lead and make things happen, also keep an eye on the mail box a letter brings you some unexpected but wonderful news.

October 2012 Aquarius Summary:
There is a tenancy for Aquarius to become a little withdrawn and lacking ambition now that Neptune is no longer an issue. With Venus at opposition with Neptune at the start of October 2012, just before Venus moves in to Leo and out of direct opposition with Aquarius, these feelings of apathy could well shape your thoughts for a period. The good news for Aquarius is these feelings will be fleeting. By the middle of October, especially around the conjunction of The Moon with Venus in Virgo on October 12th the changes will have been well and truly wrought and the rest of the month is something for Aquarius to make the most of. The ideal time to begin a new project or make some new acquaintances is after The Moon enters Aquarius squared with The Sun on October 22nd and before the Lunar egress on October 24th.

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