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November 2012 Aquarius horoscope prediction:

Too many differences can cause problems in any relationship. If you can't compromise with your partner then it could be time to cut your losses and move on. Take some time out to discover your own happiness, only then you will find peace of mind.

This month will cause a few ruptions in the work place with you and a colleague not quite seeing eye to eye. It may be wise for you to concentrate on your own project, this way a more successful outcome will be achieved. Everyone has their own talent, you will have your chance to shine in yours.

Keep your own ideas to yourself this month, not everyone will be happy to hear what you have planned. However, please yourself as it is your money and yours to choose with what to spend it on. A small gift is also on its way to you.

You will get the perfect opportunity for a small break this month. Take with you only the basic necessities for you won't need much else. The peace and relaxation will help clear your mind and help you to come up with a final decision.

Someone may have a different concept to yourself on how to run the family home or financial situation. Some advice will not be taken as kindly as it is meant to be. The only option may just to keep your head down at this present time and allow others to let of their own steam.

November 2012 Aquarius Summary:
Throughout much of November 2012 many Aquarius will feel something off balance and out of touch with the rest of the world. There is something not quite there in how the planets are aligned, especially after the November 6th Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, leaving you a little on edge. There may well be some relationship questions arising as you don't quite see eye to eye with others. Lots of people will simply not get where Aquarius is coming from this month. Don't think this will be lessened by hooking up with another Aquarius, the chances are slim you are both slanted the same way. As the month progresses however, especially once The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21st 2012, you will feel on a much more even keel. The inner planets of Mercury and Venus that have been simply in the wrong part of the sky for Aquarius come back in to focus a little. The high point of the month when everything is balanced is the November 28th opposition of The Moon and Jupiter in Gemini with The Sun in Sagittarius, all nicely squared against Aquarius. This is your day to shine. Make the most of your chances.

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