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November 2013 Aquarius horoscope prediction:

November 2013 is a time for Aquarius to make the most of favourable planetary aspects to improve the way romantic relations are run. A little bit of selfishness might be the order of the day, as your partner will actually appreciate it if you take the lead.

Think big this month. If there are some ideas that you know will improve the job in hand you should speak up about it and get your colleagues on board. If your suggestions are as good as you think they are you will come out of the month with better prospects than at the start.

Time to think about where best to spread your finances in the coming months. The best person to make any decisions is you, so go with your own ideas and do not let anyone else dictate to you. Take stock at the end of the month.

Get out and about with your family this month. Find out where they would like to go visit, and take charge of getting them there. Everyone will feel refreshed by the journey.

If you have any big plans for making changes in and around the house, you need to make sure you get the opinions of your family before you start making changes. Work things out together rather than just imposing your own ideas on everyone else.

November 2013 Aquarius Summary:
November 2013 is a time for Aquarius to act on their instincts. Planetary aspects such as the balanced opposing positions of Jupiter in Cancer with Mars in Virgo focus much of the attention in different directions, leaving Aquarius free to act as they please without recourse placate others. This is not to say you can misuse this time to pursue actions that will cause other people problems, quite the opposite. Aquarius can take charge of different situations and control their own destiny, but at the same time get other people on their side.
Make the most of the favourable aspects at work to get things happening that will further your own career ends. Time to think about your future and work out some bold suggestions. and see how far you can take things. Your colleagues will welcome your positive input and they will stay on your side throughout, as long as you actually deliver on your promises. Make sure you think before you act then, as once you get started you will start to attract more attention over the coming weeks ahead. You can only stay under the radar for a limited time once things start happening.
Do ensure you speak to your close family and friends and let them know your thoughts so that you can keep people on your side. Your partner will also need to know, especially if you have some plans that could change your long term prospects.
At the end of November you should take stock and objectively look at what has gone right and what has not worked out as expected through the month. Get other people's point of view as well, as so much in life needs team work to achieve the best results.

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