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August 2012 Aquarius horoscope prediction:

Love hurts but then so does holding onto someone who may not feel the same way. With The Sun and Mercury in Leo at opposition with The Moon in Aquarius you cannot be fully in charge of your romantic destiny. Learn to let go and move on, there will always be someone else who will love you in more ways than you can ever imagine, when you do, you will look back and be grateful.

Sometimes things are worth working hard for but other times you need to realise when to let go. There is no point in flogging a dead horse, do away with the old that is not working and start afresh, get others to help you to begin where you left off.

You may feel that things are getting out of control, but you will have to be a lot tougher in yourself if you want things to improve financially. Get rid of the things you really don't need, swallow your pride and just accept that you will have to cut back until you are out of debt.

If you need to get away from it all for a while, this is the month to do it. Anywhere close or far away, just as long as you find peace of mind. A break is just what you need and you will feel stronger and healthier for taking it.

If you cannot reach an understanding with family members in the home, it may be time to let go. Learn to agree to disagree and move on. Those that really love you will come to accept you no matter what so after time things will just work out without you even trying.

August 2012 Aquarius Summary:
Some things you just cannot control. August 2102 begins with The Sun and Mercury in Leo at opposition with The Moon in Aquarius. Friends and lovers will choose to come and go and you must make the most of the pieces that get left behind.

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