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Virgo in love: Virtuous love.

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The Virgo lover positive traits:

The Virgo Lover negative traits:

It takes a long time for a Virgo to fall in love but when they do, it is with great intensity. They are not true romantics but they take their feelings seriously and expect the same from their partners. Virgo has a mysterious aura that other signs find attractive, most will want to discover what it is that makes a Virgo tick.

Virgo is practically minded and they will rarely allow their hearts to rule their heads. Virgo is not one for showing great displays of affection and can appear as being somewhat aloof. They will often wait patiently for the perfect partner and when they do find them, they are the most dedicated of lovers. When in love with a Virgo you can expect understanding, kindness and consideration. Virgo is devoted to family life and loved ones and will work hard at keeping a relationship going.

When a relationship ends with a Virgo, there is no going back. Virgo will seldom forgive and forget any act of unfaithfulness or dishonesty from a partner, and begging for forgiveness or any other emotional outburst will simply drive Virgo further away. It is better to approach a Virgo on an intellectual and spiritual level, they appreciate open communication from a partner.

Virgos are very particular when choosing to have sex with their partner, they are not openly flirtatious but can be masters of seduction in a very subtle way. Virgo tend to analyse people and will weigh the pros and cons before feeling confident enough to engage in sex with a partner. Often they will expect total commitment and faithfulness first.

When in love with a Virgo man, you can expect him to love and honour you. He will expect to be given the same in return. Virgo men tend to be slightly critical of others but he is also fair and honest.

Virgo women can be appear to be cautious maybe even a little shy, but they are also extremely strong in character. She will expect nothing less than total dedication from her partner. Virgo women will always put her family first and concentrate on running the home smoothly.

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