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June 2012 Virgo horoscope prediction:

With Mars in Virgo, and Venus following The Sun on its way towards Virgo in a couple of months, for better or worse Virgo lives in interesting times romantically. June 2012 is filled with contrasting emotions and love hate feelings. First the highs of the positive planetary positioning, and then the lows as the alignment goes off kilter. For example from June 5th to 7th 2012 Venus in Gemini squares Mars in Venus. This is the sort of passionate alignment that gets people out of bed early in the morning, whiz through the day, and get back in bed early together at nightfall. And then it stops, only to start again at the very end of June when Venus in Gemini moves to trine with Mars. By contrast Mercury in Cancer moves in to sextile with Mars around June 19th. Don't expect fireworks, do expect sparks. Try and keep a lid on the contrasting emotions towards your lover.

The conflicts affecting Virgo this month do not make it a good time to embark on any major new projects, or for example to ask for a raise, no matter how well things have been going over the last few months. But forewarned is forearmed. As long as you understand you will feel very positive one day and low the next, you can make a start on something new fully aware of what is to come.

Avoid the temptation of retail therapy whilst your emotions are in such a turmoil. Splashing out on something frivolous and fancy when you feel low in an attempt to boost your thoughts is not the way to go about things. If you wait a day or two things will align in Virgo's favor and your thoughts and feeling will be on a high. But at the same time don't allow the high to get in the way of rational thinking and lead you in to a commitment that will tie you in for a long time. Virgo: please don't suffer a mid month crisis.

The one way to cope with the inner mood swings is to get away from things for a while. If you have any holiday or vacation time saved up in work, take it, just to get out of the office for a little while even if you just sit home and watch day time TV. Much better though is to go visit an old friend somewhere that takes a little effort to get to and enjoy a little me time break.

With all of the other ups and downs of June 2012 your home life and relations with family and friends will definitely become strained at distinct times this month. There will especially be moments of frustration with relatives of the opposite sex as Venus and Mars continue their will he won't she dance this month. Plan ahead and let others do the arguing and as a Virgo just take a back seat.

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