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January 2012 Virgo horoscope prediction:

If your love life has reached a point of no return, there is no reason reminiscing about what may have been, cut your losses and move on. January 1st 2012 is when this is most likely to happen. If you find yourself single, the 20th of January is an ideal point in time for you to meet someone who appreciates you for the person that you are, especially if they are Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius. Embrace them with an open mind and heart.

Don't give up just yet, there is still hope for you to reach your goal. Keep pushing your plans forward and don't be put off by the small stuff when it is big things you are after. Enlist the help of a Capricorn male on January 7th when Venus is in Aquarius quincunx with Mars in Virgo. They will guide you and give you some of the greatest career advice you will ever receive.

You can't have it both ways, there are things you need to sort out before you take it any further. Just remember that money is not the be all to end all and there are more important things in life, like family and friends. A little surprise package will arrive for you before this month is over that will make you appreciate life just that little bit more.

It is time to stop wishing your life away and go on that holiday you have always dreamt of. Start this month of by putting a little away and you will soon save enough for it to happen. Don't be afraid to take a few risks, you only live once so grab whatever chance you can, you won't regret it.

You have a lot of events going on this month and you may not be able to handle them all, prioritise what is important and forget the rest. It is not your responsibility to please everyone. Stand your ground when making a point and don't allow others to bully you into changing your mind, their intentions are not the same as yours. This will be especially true when Venus in Pisces is in opposition with Mars in Virgo at the very end of the month, and the battle of the sexes could well be highly charged.

You will receive two emotional and empowering boosts this month. One is on January 1st just as Mercury in Capricorn squars Mars in Virgo, when you will be at your strongest when dealing with relationships. The second is on January 7th when Venus in Aquarius quincunxes Mars in Virgo makes career prospects at their best.

The last week of January 2012 is when Virgo will be at the most vulnerable to the effects of negative comments from those who should know better. With Venus in Pisces at opposition with Mars in Virgo on January 31st you can expect a certain amount of animosity from members of the opposite sex.

January 2012 Virgo Summary:
For Virgo, January 2012 is one of conflicting feelings and some emotional turmoil, especially at home and in relationships. The start of the month on January 1st could well see an end to a bad relationship, but with added opportunity to spread your wings and seek pastures new. But the very end of the month could see your choices questioned by a member of the opposite sex who thinks they know what's best for you. Stick to your guns. Don't feel pressured. The only way is forward and you know it.

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