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April 2013 Virgo horoscope prediction:

April 2013 is a time of reconciliation for Virgo. There is a possibility someone close to you to sees you in a bad light, and now you must make amends. You will have to make the first move and show yourself worthy of being a loving partner. You can only have a happy and fulfilling relationship if you both agree on what is good for you both, and put in the effort to make it happen.

There may be some changes coming your way on the career front during April 2013. If you have upset anyone in work in the past month or two, you could well be on the receiving end of any problems these changes will bring. Things will happen at a fast pace, and you must keep your focus to do the best job you can. Do not allow someone with bad intentions to put you off your own correct path.

You do not have the best ideas on what is good finance this month. There are too many other aspects you must resolve in love and life for you to make any major decisions on where to spend your hard earned cash. Things will improve in the coming months.

You may have some ideas, but take a step back as you will surely want to change them in the near future. Do not commit yourself to someone else's big plans at this stage as you must see how things pan out over the next couple of months for Virgo.

You might be spending a large part of April 2013 trying to keep the peace at home, even though you are not in a good position inside yourself to do a good job of it. There are bound to be family arguments that you will be drawn in to despite your efforts to keep out of the issues. In any case the issues will constantly change, and there is no way you can keep on top of it. Just take a step back instead.

April 2013 Virgo Summary:
After a turbulent month of March 2013, April will provide something of an emotional rest for Virgo. Hopefully you will heed the advice and stay out of other people's arguments, but you may find yourself having to try and make amends.
At opposition in Pisces however, is the near conjunction of Mercury and Neptune. Together this aspect can allow an individual to quickly see their way through to a solution, and make it happen. At opposition with Virgo this can lead to the opposite occurrence. If you have ruffled any fathers then you must tread very lightly. Best to let people sort out their own problems rather than trying to interfere in something that is not your business.
Things will improve a little after Mercury leaves opposition with Virgo on April 14th. With just a relaxing radiance from dreamy Neptune in Pisces you can begin to get on with your own needs and wants without recourse to what others are saying or doing.
Take care around the April 21st opposition of The Moon in Virgo with Neptune though, as if you have allowed yourself to ease back in to a lazy routine you may need to get a little bit realistic with yourself to stop someone with an ulterior motive hijacking your inner resolve. Stay in focus.

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NEW in 2013: April 2013 Virgo daily planetary chart »

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