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April 2012 Virgo horoscope prediction:

There comes a time when you have to admit defeat and walk away from someone who is making you unhappy. You need to be strong and stick to any decision that you make. Don't worry though as things will turn in your favour again.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by accepting a new job offer this month. Take what others say to you seriously, even if you disagree. Every little bit of information, however irrelevant as it seems can prove to become useful later.

Hold on tight to your cash and valuables, being careless could cost you dearly this month. It may be wise to play it safe and not do anything rash. You will receive financial guidance from a Scorpio friend who will help you follow the right path.

Find a way to take a much needed break this month. You have been taking a lot on this month and you need somewhere quiet and peaceful to recuperate. A close friend will make an ideal travelling companion.

You have taken on so much responsibility that you haven't given yourself a chance to look after your own interests. Take some time out where you can be alone without any outside distractions, it will do you the world of good.

April 2012 Virgo Summary:
There is a time when you just have to cut your losses and let them all go, this month is it. You are just making yourself more unhappy by clinging to the past. You do have a chance of real happiness but you need to be thinking more positively in order to get to that point in your life. Some time spent alone will be of benefit to you as this will allow you to make a fresh start with a more clear mind.

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