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Traits: Taurus is one of the most dependable, reliable and stable signs of the zodiac. The Taurus is intellectual and love to seek knowledge but they do tend to be fixed in their opinions, often seeing things in black and white. They can be obstinate and sometimes self-righteous. However being strong and inflexible they face most difficulties head on.

The Taurus will usually have a tight close circle of friends with similar traits as their own. They are often loyal, faithful and warm hearted towards their friends and loved ones. They are quiet, placid and gentle. They are slow to anger and avoid ill feeling but can explode if provoked.

Taurus is intellectual

Taurus loves the finer things in live, often surrounding themselves with luxuries. They are also lovers of good food and wine but do have the tendency to over-indulge if they're not careful.

They love beauty, art and music and often have a talent for these.

Career wise the Taurus will seek a secure and steady job. They work best in a routine not liking drastic changes, but they can also be creative if need be. They are hard working, reliable and trustworthy.

A Taurus partner is a partner for life. Dependable, reliable and solid they will be loyal and faithful. They are also generous and will shower their loved one with many gifts and luxuries. However the Taurus also have the tendency to become jealous and resentful therefore they make the best partners with those that have similar traits to their own. Those seeking stability in their lives can't go wrong with a Taurus.

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