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Taurus in love: Hopeless romantic.

Opposite sign - Scorpio
Perfect match - Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus

The Taurus lover positive traits:

The Taurus Lover negative traits:

Taurus is one of the most steady and reliable of partners you could wish for. Once they choose a partner, it is for life. They are highly sensual, being sensitive to feelings of touch and sight and therefore attracted to all things beautiful. Being in love means everything to a Taurus. They show the utmost loyalty and devotion to their partners and expect the same in return.

Taurus has the tendency to fall in love quickly and easily and when they do they expect it to last forever. This very trait is what makes them vulnerable and easily hurt. Taurus can be naive in matters of the heart and will find it hard to accept the betrayal of a loved one. Some will however, stubbornly hold onto a failing relationship in the hope that things will get better, once they do leave it will be forever. Taurus finds it extremely hard to forgive and forget.

Taurus men love to spoil and pamper the women in their lives and as long as they receive total commitment they will continue to be gentle and loving. Taurus women seek men who are considerate and affectionate towards them. Taurus women also love to nurture and look after their partners.

Physical appearance is important to a Taurus so if you want to capture their heart be sure to look your best. Show a Taurus woman how much you appreciate her and never ever ignore her or she will start to look for love elsewhere. Taurus men seek women who are supportive in their ambitions in their goal for money and power.

Sex also plays a big part in the relationship with a Taurus as they consider it to be the most natural thing in the world. They are seldom embarrassed with their own bodies and of those around them. Sex, love and commitment all rolled into one is what holds the key to a relationship with a Taurus together.

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