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The Taurus Woman:

The Taurus woman often has an air of mystery around her as she does not want to reveal her inner thoughts to just anyone. Common sense is her way.

image of the taurus woman

Taurus woman can be strict with themselves, they like to be in control of their own thoughts and destiny and can easily stick to a vigorous routine, be that in the workplace, in the home, or even in a diet and exercise regime to get fit and healthy.

Taurus woman do not often overly flaunt their sexuality although they are happy to wear that sexy little black dress when the occasion warrants it, but the pleasure in this is all hers rather than any great need to dress to impress. They are also deeply sensual and love the feeling of luxury next to their skin. Quality counts if you ever buy a Taurus female a sexy present.

Taurus woman take people how they come and do not go searching for any hidden meanings in the words of others said in idle chat. They do show moral courage and will step in to help a friend in need. A Taurus female is a friend for life.

Taurus woman need things to be real and will always spot a fake. Never try to pass off something that is not all it appears to be or you will loose her trust forever.

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