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April 2013 Taurus horoscope prediction:

Don't expect an easy time of it romantically during April 2013. Although you feel settled spiritually and ready for more commitment, your partner may not. There will have to be lots of give and take as you decide on what you both want and need from the relationship.

April 2013 is a time when Taurus must work hard at justifying themselves in their career. The recent months have left you well able to advance your cause, but this may not be evident to those around you. Your only option is to keep on top of the situation and don't let yourself be pushed off track.

Make your own decisions on financial matters with no outside influences this month. You know best despite what others may think of you. Stick to your guns.

Best to make any plans for a getaway early in the month if you intend to take someone along for the ride. By the time of the opposition of The Sun, Venus and Mars in Taurus with Saturn in Sagittarius around April 22nd, you will have no urge to take anyone anywhere.

It is impossible to see eye to eye with everyone in the family at all times, and so you must make the most of the periods when you have an advantage. Early in the month you have things in your favour, so ensure you get family on your side for any changes you need to make around the house. If you let the moment pass they will not have any inclination to listen to your ideas.

April 2013 Taurus Summary:
April 2013 is a period of deep contrasts for Taurus. The month begins quietly with nothing but Saturn in Sagittarius at opposition with Taurus, an alignment allowing you to continue the thought journey began last month. Hopefully you will be very well settled by the time Venus enters Taurus on April 15th. This is the start of many different direction changes and relationship issues that you will struggle to cope with.
The point at which The Sun enters Taurus is always a time of focus on you, although this year this focus comes with many negative feelings projected your way. The close proximity of an out of resonance Mars entering Taurus on April 20th will put you at the centre of much unwelcome relationship challenges. Do not be surprised if people make completely unfounded accusations about you. Things will be difficult both at home and in the workplace. Expect your love life to be pushed and pulled in ways that will test your resolve and make you feel frustrated in the extreme.
The low point of the month will come around the oppositions of The Sun, Venus and Mars with Saturn in Sagittarius around April 21st to 23rd. The previous weeks of spiritual thought and uplift will have you questioning the contrast you now feel internally. Time for some solitude until these aspects pass.

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NEW in 2013: April 2013 Taurus daily planetary chart »

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