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Traits: Scorpio are the most contrary and contradictory sign of all. They can be warm-hearted and cold, strong-willed and weak, independent and clingy.

They are seen as mysterious as they tend to conceal their true feelings appearing to be calm and self-controlled; underneath they are brimming with emotion. They are intense and strong willed to the point of stubbornness.

Scorpios are sensitive, therefore can be easily hurt and easy to anger. They also find it difficult not to be overly critical of something or someone they take a dislike to. They are also slow to forgive but will never forget an act of kindness and will often repay it. Scorpios are generally well liked by others and make strong, loyal friends. They are highly sociable and pleasant company to have around.

Scorpio are good workers

In relationships, though adaptable, they like to be in control and tend to be the more dominant partner. They are also deeply passionate and emotional to their loved ones. However they can also be prone to obsessiveness and jealousy, they dislike being taken advantage of and can become resentful if they suspect someone is.

Career wise Scorpio are good workers, showing determination and self discipline in whatever they do. They are competitive and have a good head for business. They like to seek the truth in everything and make good scientists and doctors. Being intuitive they have a good understanding of other people and can also have psychic tendencies.

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