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November 2013 Scorpio horoscope prediction:

With a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3rd 2013, there is a great possibility that Scorpio will put up a lot of emotional barriers to the world, and romance and love can suffer. Work hard to take your partner's feelings in to account or you will store up problems for the future.

Communication is key to improving your career in November 2013. If you hide yourself away you will go nowhere fast.

Having a clear head for finances is fundamental to any commitment, and Scorpio is not best placed to think their way through the money maze any time around the November 3rd eclipse.

There will be more travel in thought this month than actually getting out and about and seeing new places. By the end of November you should be needing a refresh and have more of an urge for getting away from it all.

You are not the best at listening and taking on board other people's thoughts and feelings in and around the home. Take time out towards the end of the month to make amends with family members.

November 2013 Scorpio Summary:
The Sun with Mercury in conjunction with the long term presence of Saturn provides a strong urge for a spiritual journey for Scorpio during November 2013, although the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on November 3rd will rock your world. Scorpio has a need to protect themselves from the outside world around the time of the eclipse and will seek the solitude as characterised by their scorpion symbol. This is a time for Scorpio to work out where they have come from, and more importantly where they are going. This is not a cooperative endeavour, Scorpio must seek out their own truth and make their own conclusions in isolation. No one else can point the direction for Scorpio to take.
Under such a personal journey, Scorpio must guard against letting other aspects of life go by the wayside. It is OK to be a little selfish at times, but if the only thing you ever think about is yourself and your own feelings, you will loose the trust and understanding of your close friends and family. You will not be abandoned by them, they will just take a step back and let you make your way.
Your love life could suffer if you let your mind wonder too much outside your partnership. Romance between a couple is a team effort that needs both working together in making a greater whole. Keep this in mind as you follow your path to enlightenment, or you may find you arrive there completely alone.
Once The Sun moves in to neighbouring Sagittarius on November 22nd you will come back down to earth and can begin regaining the good will of friends and work colleagues. The remaining conjunction of Mercury and Saturn aids in clear thought and frank words. Time to to speak to those people who you can count on and let them know you want to be at the centre of any new projects, and you ready to put your listening skills to the fore and take on any new ideas. You will only get to higher level in your life with teamwork and the help of others after all.

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