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June 2012 Scorpio horoscope prediction:

As June 2012 progresses and the oppositions from The Sun, Mercury and Venus that have been focused on Scorpio for the last month or two will fade in to memory, and you can begin to take a greater charge of your own love life. The final piece of the jigsaw occurs on June 11th with the ingress of Jupiter to Gemini, releasing every Scorpio to their own destiny. You may already be prepared for some drastic changes, and you will be happier in the long run if you need to end something big and start something fresh, but the good news is, stick or twist, it is all up to you.

Things are running smoothly after the opposition of Jupiter in Aries ends on June 11th, but don't do anything just yet that may rock the boat. Colleagues may come up with new and fresh ideas but only implement these when you know they are in your favor. Do however, keep listening and taking everything in as this will only lead to greater success once you make that final decision with your new found freedoms.

Plans you have made in the past will be of great benefit to you this month. You have been wise to take note of the current climate and events, and now you have the freedom to choose a definite path of your own. Keep up with the good work and you will receive your reward.

Keep things in perspective when planning any journey you make this month, is it really necessary? If you do decide to have a break, do relax and enjoy yourself but just remember to keep an eye on those closer to home, as they may not be regarding your impositions as something they want for themselves.

The past few months have been chaotic with the oppositions of The Sun and its retinue of close companions in Venus and Mercury, but with a clear month ahead for Scorpio after June 11th, you are now able to implement changes in your domestic household that will benefit to you all. Make sure you look at everything as a whole and don't neglect other aspects of your life no matter how minor they appear to be. Be weary of taking your new decision making power to the extreme as you need to live under the same roof with other family members too.

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