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The Scorpio Woman:

The Scorpio woman likes to retain her poise and cool even when things are not going her way. She will keep her attractive good looks even when she has a need to frown at someone.

image of the scorpio woman

Scorpio women smile when they mean to and mean it when they smile. If she flirts with you, you know that you deserve it in her mind. But by the same token when she tires of you, she will drop you like a stone without explanation. You will seldom hear flattery from a Scorpio female.

Scorpio woman want the freedom to choose their own path, setting their own standards, and will not stick to convention just because it is expected of them. They like to be to dominant personality in any sort of relationship but are happy to take a step back if it fulfils their long term goals.

Scorpio females have a wide range of talents and pursue their own interests passionately.

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