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April 2013 Scorpio horoscope prediction:

You will be so busy thinking how best your love life should progress this month, that you might completely forget romance is a partnership. You will have to take in to account your partner's needs, or risk their wrath. You will have to wait all the way until the April 25th Scorpio Lunar Eclipse to make amends if you get things wrong.

You have the big ideas this month, but do you have the motivation to see things through to completion? Scorpio has a tendency to sit back and let things happen during April 2013, which is OK if the job calls for nothing but compliance, but if other people rely on your input then you may be found wanting. Beware.

You may well get a strong temptation to make some big moves on the money front during April 2013, but you do have the tendency to paint things in too rosy a light this month. You must thing through all that your plans will entail, or take a step back and do nothing.

Most of your travels this month will be in your mind. Your imagination is at a high point, to the extent your day dreaming might get in the way of your real life. Do not make too big a plan to visit somewhere exotic as there could be something of a come down when you realise it is just a dream.

There are many jobs around the house that need your attention, but they also need your thought as well. Do not be surprised if you have some family members getting on your case to get things done. You will end up the butt of any arguments if you do not comply with what is needed from you, so do not complain if things turn a little sour.

April 2013 Scorpio Summary:
April 2013 will be a month of contrasts for Scorpio. The start of the month continues the quiet contemplation and spiritual growth of previous months, encouraged as it is by the lone presence of Saturn in Scorpio.
As the month progresses however the increasing level of opposition to Scorpio in Taurus will become a big factor on your mood and on the interactions you have with those around you. The first of these is the April 15th ingress of Venus in to Taurus. The opposition of Venus with Saturn can often put a block on to otherwise free flowing thoughts and ideas. Expect some difficulties in getting anything important done. There could well be some awkward moments in your love life, although nothing like as bad as what is coming in the next week.
On April 19th The Sun enters Taurus and in to opposition with Scorpio, bringing you under the focus of everyone around you. Expect people to question both your actions and motives under this transit.
The most intense period will actually come a few days later once Mars has followed The Sun and Venus in to Taurus. Venus and Mars are in direct conjunction with The Sun, and simultaneously at opposition with Saturn in Scorpio, enough to make all romantic relationships have issues that must be resolved the hard way. There are no correct answers you can give. You just have to ride out the arguments without losing you temper.
The good news for Scorpio comes on April 25th, and the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. This produces a void in to which the negative energies that are focused on Scorpio can be thrown. This is a major turn around in your fortunes. You will be able to look straight back in to the glare and face off with those people showing you questioning accusations. Take back charge and make sure everything happens on your terms.

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NEW in 2013: April 2013 Scorpio daily planetary chart »

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