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Traits: Sagittarius have a positive outlook in life, open-minded, they over come disappointments easily.

They are intellectual and philosophical and also good humored.

Sagittarius is full of energy, versatile and eager for adventure you will often find them travelling and exploring far away places. However they are also restless, seldom settling in one place for very long.

Sagittarius is a friendly, likeable sign and has no shortage of friends. They show kindness and are helpful towards others. They are trustworthy, reliable and honest. They have strong morals and have a tendency to being outspoken and quick to anger though are also very forgiving. They can be faithful to their partner but there is the risk of the Sagittarius of being restless and wandering. They are however adaptable, and if they try, are able to balance their independence with loyalty.

Sagittarius is full of energy

Career wise they love teaching, and are interested in law and politics; they will also like any job, which involves travelling. Sagittarius can be impatient and have a tendency to rush through new projects too quickly making them prone to carelessness. They are broad minded and inquisitive, loving anything new and interesting.

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