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November 2012 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

There is a chance this month that any romantic relationship will move forward or will eventually fall apart, especially if problems already exist. However the good news is, problems can easily be solved providing there is good communication from all parties. If single, you will surely meet someone new.

Expect any issues that your work colleagues have, to be brought out in the open this month. This will either be a good or bad thing, depending on which way you look at it. The best way to reach a compromise is to allow everyone to have their say and take it from there. It may be up to you to take the lead in this case.

Be prepared for any mishaps this month, if you have been sensible with your finances then you shouldn't worry but if you haven't then you may have to swallow your pride and ask for help, fortunately for you, there is someone who is willing to come to your aid.

A journey with a loved one will either be a make or break. However it is better for everything to be laid out in the open sooner rather than later. Some tough decisions and choices will have to be made regarding your future together.

There is a lot of upheaval in your family life at present, the good news is, this is not going to last. There are some peaceful times ahead this month when old disputes finally settle and everyone works to their own agenda.

November 2012 Sagittarius Summary:
November 2012 could be one of the most tumultuous months in recent times for Sagittarius. The month begins with Mars and Mercury in close proximity, an alignment which often provides a chance for people in long term romantic relationships to make some major positive changes with their partner. On November 6th Mercury turns Retrograde, completely reversing any relationship improvements you have been working on. Just as Sagittarius deals with impact of Retrograde Mercury, The Moon arrives in conjunction with Mercury right on the cusp with Scorpio, throwing more than one spanner in to the works. Any problems within your romance are likely to be cracked wide open. The good news is, this will only have to be endured for a couple of days. By November 17th the three planets will have all progressed back our of Sagittarius leaving something of a quiet time behind. The main thing to look forward to is the Solar Ingress on November 21st. Bask in the warm glow until the end of the month.

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