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Sagittarius in love: Love freely. Love deeply.

Opposite sign - Gemini
Perfect match - Aries and Leo

The Sagittarius lover positive traits:

The Sagittarius Lover negative traits:

Sagittarius love the thrill and excitement of being in love. They crave adventure and romance. Other signs are attracted to the warm hearted, witty and good natured Sagittarius. Sagittarius needs intellectual and stimulating conversation to keep them interested. Honesty is important to a Sagittarius in a relationship, they will appreciate you speaking your mind rather than holding your feelings back.

Sagittarius love to have their own personal space and freedom however they also long to be in a deep meaningful relationship and are happiest when deeply in love. They are sensual and sex plays an important part in their relationships. Sagittarius are affectionate and very touchy feely and expect their partners to be the same.

Sagittarius can often be reckless in love and will dive head first without thinking of the consequences thus they can be easily hurt if rebuffed. They can also become quickly bored if a relationship turns into a dull routine and may start to look elsewhere for excitement.

Sagittarius men search for women who are spontaneous, fun and full of surprises. Planning for the future is not for a Sagittarius man who loves to act with randomness and think about it later. You can expect strong romantic gestures with a Sagittarius lover especially trips to far off foreign places.

Sagittarius women want a man who appreciates her love of life and her charm and who likes her to have a mind of her own. Sagittarius women like men who speak their minds and are clear about their feelings, they despise silly mind games.

Sagittarius value their freedom most of all and some can have something approaching a phobia of commitment. However once they have found their one true love they will do everything in their power to make the relationship work.

Sagittarius hate to feel pressurised and despise jealousy. The best thing to do when in love with a Sagittarius is allow them to be who they want to be and in return they will offer you eternal love and be faithful and true.

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