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June 2012 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

June 2012 is a period of contrasting feelings for Sagittarius. The beginning of the month is dominated by the opposition of The Sun in conjunction with Mercury and Venus in Gemini. As a Sagittarius your feelings are bound to swing from hot to cold with a climax of emotion on June 4th when The Moon in Sagittarius is in direct opposition with the Gemini conjunction. You must resist all urges to shout out things that your lover should never hear. By June 8th Mercury has entered Cancer, and the opposition forces causing your mood swings will have lessened and you can get back down to a normal relationship until the end of this month. There is one other point in the opposition orbit of The Sun on June 19th when The Moon has turned full circle and the two are now in conjunction. Lay low and don't ruffle another feather, it will come back to bite you if you say anything out of order on this day.

In the same way the conjunction in Gemini and the opposition of The Moon in Sagittarius will cause your mood to swing in your romantic relations, the same could well happen in the workplace. You would best be advised to avoid getting in to any situations that draw too much attention to you unless you have a lot of accurate information to back up and work related discussions you have.

This is a month where you could easily act on a whim and get dragged in to something you should not. Your impulsiveness and moodiness could be conceived by someone with ulterior motives to try and take advantage of you. Have this fully in mind and read the small print before signing on the dotted line.

If you get an urge to run away to somewhere exotic this month, seize the chance. Even if you just have a chance to get away for a couple of days, the change will do you good and keep your changing moods in check.

With Mercury in opposition with Sagittarius until June 8th, your communication within the family will be strained to the extreme. Do not get pulled in to tit for tat retributions between family members who should know better, simply know your limits and don't take sides. By the end of the month things will smooth out and family life will get that little bit easier to cope with.

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