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April 2013 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

Meeting new friends is easy for Sagittarius again this month. You have an aura around you that many people will be drawn to. For the single Sagittarius you can make some new acquaintances, and let things flow naturally. Don't be too pushy just let the romance happen if it is meant to. For someone already in a relationship, just take care your friendliness with members of the opposite sex is not misconstrued by your partner. Try not to get involved with anyone else's relationship problems whist these conditions continue. Let them cry on another shoulder.

You must resist all urges to get involved in any political debates in the office this month. April 2013 is a time when you will be asked to join in conversations that you should stay out of, and that you do not know enough about to make a genuine contribution. Keep your head down and just get on with your own work.

Be careful of anyone appearing as a new friend in the coming weeks. On the surface you appear to be something of a soft touch, and there is a possibility this new friend will be trying to take advantage of this. Be very weary of any financial requests.

April 2013 is a good time for Sagittarius to pick a couple of good friends and head out on a road trip. You will find many takers as you are right at the top of people's would like to spend time with lists.

Do not allow any family feuds to get in the way of progress this month. Let other people work out their own problems without getting involved. You need to stick together over the long run rather than taking sides with anyone.

April 2013 Sagittarius Summary:
The beginning of April 2013 is a lot like last month. The steady alignments of neighboring Saturn and Pluto balanced with Jupiter at opposition with Sagittarius in Gemini lead you to a harmonious time with friends and family alike. This is still a good time for Sagittarius to make new friends, and if you are single this is a great time to get out there and meet someone. Make the most of social gatherings where people will seek out your company and conversation.
As April 2013 progresses however, the impending opposition to Sagittarius from The Sun and inner planets will increasingly put you off your stride. By the April 15th ingress of Venus in to Taurus, the position for Sagittarius has changed somewhat. Over the following days and up to the end of April you will have to contend with other peoples thoughts and failings. With your previous friendly outlook you are a prime candidate for others to seek out your advice on all relationship matters. Not that you are the best source of advice once Mars joins Venus in Gemini on April 20th, but those people asking will not understand the fact you do not have any special insight in to the universe of social converse.
The best way to deal with this is to remain friendly and not make any negative comments. It is vital not to upset or alienate anyone who you may need to rely on in the coming weeks and months as Sagittarius comes under the increasing glare of an opposition Sun.

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NEW in 2013: April 2013 Sagittarius daily planetary chart »

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