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April 2012 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

If you are bored with your partner or loved one at present then it is up to you to put that spark back into your relationship. Think up new ways to bring back some excitement like a romantic break, meal for two or even some sexy underwear will do the trick.

There are endless opportunities out there to start of a new career or job, you just need to look in all the right places. You will find what you are looking for soon enough when you meet a dark haired Capricorn man.

A little money will go a long way if you know just how and where to invest it. You have the know how so listen to your own instincts and ignore what small minded people are telling you. This month you have the chance reach all your targets.

Finally you have the chance of a lifetime to go on that trip so what are you waiting around for? Pack your bags and leave as soon as you can. You have worked so hard so now is the time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Have a good look around your home and decide once and for all what you really do not need. Throw away useless and unimportant items, an uncluttered home is an uncluttered mind. A Pisces man pays a surprise visit.

April 2012 Sagittarius Summary:
You may feel you are stuck in a rut but the answer to your problem is in the mirror, you. You are the only one holding yourself back from achieving everything you ever wanted. Take any opportunity going this month to move onward. You also have the chance to embark on a trip, take it and enjoy the moment.

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