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Virgos being the perfectionists they are may despair of the Pisces untidy and somewhat lazy lifestyle. Pisces are dreamers and often have their head in the clouds, which could annoy the more conservative down to earth Virgo. On the other hand, opposites do attract and the Virgo could actually become intrigued by the new Pisces ideas and versatile way of life. The Pisces in turn may look to Virgo for more security and stability in their life.

Pisces are sympathetic and caring and as they will work hard at most relationships, they have the perseverance and ability of winning over the aloof and seemingly unemotional Virgo. Pisces are able to see deeper inside a Virgos heart and soul, which Virgos try very hard to hide. Pisces can also learn to be a bit more practical from the more levelheaded Virgo.

The one thing that these two signs do have in common is that they are reliable, loyal and faithful. This is a pairing that will make a good marriage, if they can work out their differences in the long term. Their similar sense of family values can strengthen their relationship overcoming any obstacles and times of trouble.

Virgo Love Compatibility
Pisces Love Compatibility

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