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A more devoted couple than Capricorn and Virgo you will seldom find. They both strive for fulfillment and commitment in a relationship. They have a mutual understanding on the wants and needs of each other.

Virgo is attracted to the steady and hard working Capricorn and in turn the understanding and nurturing nature of the Virgo captivate Capricorn. They work well together, seldom argue and when they do are quick enough to reach a compromise.

However there is danger of the relationship being stuck in a rut and effort is needed from both Capricorn and Virgo to keep the passion burning, with both being highly imaginative, this shouldn't be difficult to do.

Capricorn and Virgo both value the importance of the home and family life and more often than not this usually leads into a long-term commitment or marriage.

Virgo Love Compatibility
Capricorn Love Compatibility

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