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There is instant attraction between two Taurus when they meet for the first time, they find it easy to fall in love, provided there is not too much of a personality clash. They are romantics and share the same desires in life. Taurus must agree to the sharing however, and avoid locking horns together from the start. Well balanced Taurus pairs want to achieve the best for themselves and for each other.

Taurus are loyal, hard working and devoted, they expect no less from their partner. They can make a perfect match as they both strive to build a secure and steady future together. However Taurus are in danger of getting stuck in a rut if work becomes the main priority in their relationship. Taurus need to realise that money is not everything. Taurus need to make time to put some excitement and adventure into their lives to keep their relationship from becoming a dull routine and eventually dying out.

Taurus can be stubborn and in a heated argument neither will be willing to back down. It may take a while for Taurus to kiss and make up but when they do they will with the same explosive passion. This could turn into a love - hate relationship. Taurus know that they will always be there for each other but they need to learn to give and take equally and show appreciation for their partner.

Taurus together have a great understanding of people around them and this trait helps them to deal with any flaws that may crop up inside their relationship. Dependant and reliable they will work hard at making their relationship last. Taurus pairs form a strong united bond that will last a long time, provided they get over the very first locking of horns!

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