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For Taurus and Pisces it will often be love at first sight, both being the hopeless romantics they are. Taurus is seduced by the beauty and sensuous nature of Pisces and Pisces is attracted to the security and stability that Taurus offers.

They both appreciate art, theatre and music. They like nothing better than spending cosy moments alone together, relaxing in each other's company. Taurus is completely entranced by the dreamy eyed Pisces and Pisces feels warm and safe with the steady, reliable Taurus.

Taurus may find Pisces' dreams and ideas to be scattered with no focus, and here Taurus will need to guard against being too harsh and critical as their words could hurt the more sensitive Pisces. In time they may come to appreciate that they do have a lot to offer one another. Taurus can teach Pisces to be more practical in turning their dreams into reality. Pisces gives Taurus the depth and meaning that they crave in a relationship.

Taurus may not always understand the simplicity of the goals in Pisces life; Pisces has no real interest in making loads of money, but Taurus appreciates that having a loving relationship is more important than material possessions. The warmth and kindness of Pisces teaches Taurus that there is more to life than luxuries such as expensive homes and cars.

Taurus and Pisces share a common goal in finding a partner they can both be safe and comfortable with and they certainly find this in each other. Together this will grow into a peaceful harmonious relationship, as near a perfect marriage as can be.

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