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There will be an instant attraction between Libra and Taurus. Libra is fascinated with the steady reliable Taurus and Taurus in turn is attracted to the romantic and sociable Libra. Libra the chattier of the two loves to talk about life's experiences, which will enchant the quieter Taurus who makes a very good listener much to the delight of Libra.

Things may turn sour as Taurus has a strong urge to find a life long mate, which will cause problems if Libra is taking too long to commit. Taurus also has a tendency to be stubborn and jealous which if not kept in check will start to make Libra feel restricted and resentful who loves nothing better than to party.

However in time Taurus and Libra can bring out the best in each other, Libra comes to appreciate the security and home loving Taurus and Taurus in turn will appreciate the more out going and sociable Libra. Both signs also love luxury and have a tendency to seek out the finer things in life. They have the ability to form a steady partnership whether in business or family life as they have similar goals despite their differences.

Taurus Love Compatibility
Libra Love Compatibility

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