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Taurus and Leo together are an exciting, if somewhat, explosive combination. These two signs are so alike that they can't help but be besotted with each other from the very first time they meet. It is usually love at first sight.

Taurus loves nothing better than to spoil their loved one, wining, dining and even lavishing expensive gifts on Leo, who will bask in all the attention. Leo in turn will give the Taurus the stability and devotion that they crave. Leos are fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones, which Taurus will come to admire and appreciate.

Problems may arise between Taurus and Leo, as one will try to dominate the other. Taurus may be slower to anger than the fiery Leo but certainly will lose their temper if pushed hard enough. However arguments seldom last between these two, as they are usually just as quick to make up. Taurus teaches Leo how to be more tolerant towards others and Leo teaches the stubborn Taurus how to be more flexible.

Taurus and Leo both have just what they want from each other in a relationship, security and stability yet excitement and passion. Taurus and Leo know what they want and nothing will stop either one from getting it. What does not break these two will only make them stronger than ever.

Taurus Love Compatibility
Leo Love Compatibility

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