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Gemini and Taurus together can seem to be an unlikely match. The steady, reliable Taurus is a complete opposite to the flighty and versatile Gemini, but in this case it's more about their differences complimenting each other.

When they first meet, the strong, silent Taurus captivates Gemini and Taurus adores the witty repartee from Gemini. Part of Gemini is attracted by the secure, steady life of Taurus, who is able to give Gemini the calm stability they need in their hectic life. In return Gemini brings colour and adventure into the life of Taurus and shows them how to broaden their outlook.

Gemini and Taurus have much they must learn from and to give to each other. Gemini teaches Taurus the futility of being stubborn and bearing grudges. Taurus teaches Gemini to be more practical minded and more consistent. Gemini and Taurus always work well together as a team, the practical Taurus shows the highly imaginative Gemini how to take and make the most of their creative ideas.

Taurus may want to settle down much sooner than Gemini who may get itchy feet at the thought of staying in one place for too long. Gemini may also grow resentful of any jealousy or possessiveness from Taurus. Taurus may also feel that Gemini is not taking their relationship seriously enough and this can sometimes lead to frustration.

However it is their different traits that attract these two signs in the first place. Gemini in time, proves that they can be as dependable and reliable as Taurus. Taurus shows that they can be just as flexible and patient as Gemini. Once Gemini and Taurus settle their differences and learn to compromise, this relationship can and will develop into a deeper bond.

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