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Scorpio and Sagittarius together are an excellent match!

These two signs will get along without even trying. Scorpio with their many contrasting traits will fit in with Sagittarius energetic and versatile lifestyle. They are two of the most popular of signs and both well liked by many.

Scorpio can be quite sensitive and are easily hurt and will feel drawn to the kindness and reliability of Sagittarius. Sagittarius will be intrigued with the mysterious Scorpio and will try their best to dig deeper into the Scorpio heart.

One of the most enduring traits of the Scorpio Sagittarius love match is found in the ability of Sagittarius to accept the sometimes more moody nature of the Scorpio. There is generally only space for one member of the pair to be off having a strop about one thing or another, and Sagittarius can happily allow Scorpio the space they need to have a rant and then make up. Scorpio loves the way Sagittarius can accept without criticising too much.

Scorpio is very accepting of the sometimes abrupt and outspoken bursts that Sagittarius is prone to have. Scorpio understands the words that others may find upsetting are often directed inwards by Sagittarius to themselves, and the Scorpio can hold back from their own nature and actually step in with a calming word or two along the way.

Scorpio does have a tendency for possessiveness and jealousy and are usually the more dominant partner in a relationship however this is counter balanced by the outspoken manner of the Sagittarius, they both have the ability to adapt and with both signs being loyal and faithful they are able to enjoy a life long passionate romance.

Scorpio Love Compatibility
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